How Video Healthcare is disrupting the Traditional Healthcare Industry?

How Video Healthcare is disrupting the Traditional Healthcare Industry?

In India alone, with overburdened hospitals and inadequate facilities, experts estimate that the physician shortage will reach more than six-lakh in the year 2018.

Research & survey suggests, about 1.5 billion peoples in the world currently do not have any access to health-care services.


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However, with the advancement of digital technology, video-based health-care solution providing company is breaking down barriers around the world, and can reduce the rising medical costs as a result. Our company Rank Consultancy is at the forefront of this trend.

Rank consultancy is providing F2F video healthcare solution, first of its own kind in India that helps a patient to connect with their physicians or doctors globally via face-to-face communications. This facility provides ability to their patients to share their medical history with health-care providers remotely.


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Face2Face video-health care facility can be use anywhere at anytime to meet with your physicians, provided you have the internet facility. Patients can schedule and fix their appointments with the doctors globally. With the help of ‘f2f video health-care solution’ the management of chronic conditions can be more accessible in a preventive way for the patients in the typical rural areas to the patients in a city where immediate facility of doctors are not available.


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Our product is especially designed for the older age peoples, pregnant womens, working professionals and all those who need immediate care in emergency so that they can easily get health-care benefits. with the help of F2F video-healthcare solution physicians can do everything for their patients except physically touching them.Using our product, you can easily get virtual patient care, save your travelling time & cost and most important your energy.


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Now for the first time in India, patients can feel free to store any of their medical documents & history details in a digital form so that doctors can easily track their medical history details as and when required. Now doctors can easily share X-Ray reports and other details, provide consultations and conduct follow-up appointments all via ‘f2f video health-care solution’, a product made by Rank Consultancy.

Digital transformation is very rapidly shaping the future of the health-care industry. A recent study shows that after receiving video therapy:

  • Hospital admissions gets reduced by 25% Whereas,
  • Days spent in hospital reduced by 27%.

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Written by: Purushottam Agarwal

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