F2F Business Solutions

F2F Business Solutions

Our products are Face To Face Video Business Solutions –

Video is everywhere – transforming the way we work, learn, shop, communicate, collaborate, and entertain. With its unique ability to simplify complex ideas and engage viewers, video increases employee productivity and accelerates business. Sales and marketing teams use video to engage prospects, corporate training departments educate employees faster and more cost effectively, and global teams accelerate innovation through video-based collaboration.

At Rank  we believe in the power of video, and we are excited to join you in harnessing its true potential. We have created the “Suite of Enterprise Face to Face  Video Business Solutions” with complete mobility & browser capabilities for vertical and horizontal industries such as –

  • BFSI Industry
    • Video Banking
    • Video Financial Services
    • Video Insurance
  • Video Health care
  • Video Education
  • Video Customer Care & Contact Centre
  • Video HR- Interview management
  • Video HR- Training

Other solutions on under development are Video Project Collaborations and Video Retail Buying.
Our solutions are totally disruptive and designed to transform the business processes.