F2F Video Financial Services

F2F Video Financial Services

Rank’s F2F Video Financial Services solution provides secured video consultations with your financial advisors / investors/personal bankers / agents. Buying, selling, and investing – all face to face with service providers easily. Connect with your advisors for fund transfer, service request, maturity settlement, apply for loan over video platform anytime from anywhere through any smart mobile devices. This boosts productivity and gives flexibility of reach.

The Customer can perform the following activities:

  • Join Video Conference with CSE/Agent, Product Specialist or PM/FM/CEO
  • Upload documents related to KYC or Mutual Fund
  • Make schedule Call for a particular Date & Time
  • Do Text Chat with CSE/Agent
  • Make Multi-way Call with CSE, PM/FM/CEO
  • Send Feedback to CSE/Agent

The CSE/Agents can perform the following activities:

  • Join Video Conference with Customers – Registered & Non-Registered
  • Upload Documents and Pictures
  • Download Documents and Pictures
  • Forward Customer’s Call to another CSE/TL/FM/PM
  • Recording the Video sessions
  • Do Text Chat with Customer and Private Chat with TL/Manager
  • Hold/Un-hold in between Video Conference with Customer

The System Administrator can perform the following activities:

  • Create & maintain various Roles, Skills & Categories
  • Confirm Schedule Calls
  • Barge- in Calls when conference in progress to monitor Call quality
  • See Customer Feedbacks
  • Administrator can see Customer-wise Calls
  • Speed test of current available internet connection
  • Call Scheduling in case of no. of agent is found after call routing
  • Call Re-Scheduling in case of urgency or some other reason

Reliance Mutual Fund is the first customer in this segment. Reliance is running and managing their customer contact centers, using such Face to Face mobile applications where video conference with the intelligent Call Routing solution is available for ensuring that customer’s video call will land at the right Mutual Fund agent’s or executive’s desktop depending of the customer segment/profile.